Legal Agreement: Terms of Service

The Office in Mansfield (the “Office”) was designed to foster community and support creative entrepreneurs, nonprofits, small businesses, remote workers, freelancers, and other enterprising individuals in Mansfield, Texas. All users of The Office in Mansfield must agree to specified rules in our community that encourage everyone to be considerate of one another and respect the office space.  The following terms and conditions are considered an integral part of the Lease Agreement above:

  1. Full 24/7 access to the space. Private office and private desk members will always have their personal space to be able to work at except for scheduled events. General coworking members will almost always have desk availability except for scheduled events, or if capacity is reached at any given work time.
  1. All Lessees are required to check in upon arrival using their PIN access code on the iPad near the front entrance.
  1. Quiet enjoyment of open office space. Users are encouraged to take long or loud phone calls, ongoing conversations, conference calls, or video chats to an unoccupied area of The Office or outside as to not disturb others working in the facilities.
  1. The noise level shall be kept to a level so as not to interfere with or annoy other Lessees. All Lessees are required to be respectful to others focused on their work.
  1. All Lessees shall keep their work spaces tidy and shall help keep the shared office space clean by picking up any trash, wiping down their desk area (or kitchen), thoroughly washing any dishes after each use and not leaving personal food items in the refrigerator longer than a week.
  1. Conference room reservations. Conference room reservations are honored by the order in which they are booked via Proximity. Lessees must abide by their monthly limit of reserved hours. Unreserved conference room time is limited to short time frames to give others a chance to either make use of it or make a reservation for it.
  1. Immediately following Lessee’s use of conference room space and/or visual equipment, Lessee shall clean up and return the space and equipment to the state and condition it was in prior to Lessee’s use. If not, Lessor may charge Lessee for any other expenses required to restore the conference space and/or equipment to its original condition.
  1. Printing & Office Supplies. Lessees may use the Office’s scanner, printer, paper, pens, and other office supplies, provided that Lessees keep a reasonable limit on the amount of supplies used or prints made so that the Office can continue to offer said services as a free amenity to the Lessees subject to the following limitations: large print jobs (defined as anything over 100 pages) should be taken care of at home or a print shop. In addition, black and white copies are at no charge; however, color copies are $.10 per copy.
  1. Guests. Any guest of a Lessee must be accompanied by a Lessee at all times. The inviting Lessee will be responsible for their guests at all times. Any guest will be required to check in upon arrival using the iPad near the front entrance.
  1. Lessee and guests of Lessee may not bring animals into the Office except for those assisting disabled individuals.
  1. Lessee shall cooperate and be courteous with all occupants of the Office and Lessor’s staff and personnel at all times.
  1. Lessor reserves the right to make such other reasonable rules and regulations as in its judgment may from time to time be needed for the safety, care, appropriate operation and cleanliness of the Office.